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We are Chase + Lindsay and we’re married travel nurses. A year ago we decided to take the road less traveled ↠ we got the wild idea to buy an RV and travel the country. Most people our age were settling down and starting families but that just wasn't OUR dream at the time.
We had the travel bug bad and wanted to cure it, but we didn't want to put our careers on hold. We also didn't want to risk waiting until “someday” when we were old and retired – possibly never getting the chance. We wanted to do it now and God allowed it to happen.
We did our fair share of research and then we decided it was time. We hit the road one year ago and an adventure it has been. Over the past year, we've worked a few travel nursing assignments and paid off $60,000 of our student loan debt. During that same time, we've taken 4 months off to chase adventures and explore 15 countries.

We made this blog to share our story and to encourage you to follow your dreams!

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