Better Together

"How do you spend all of your time together?" -everyone ever

EASY PEASY. We absolutely LOOOOVE being around each other and it doesn't get better 
than being married to your best friend.

We are truly together 24/7. We work on the same unit, in the same hospital, during the same shift (when we have it our way). We live in a 300 sq ft home where we are always within 30 ft of one another. We run all the errands together. We eat, sleep, breathe - you get it. We truly don't have "alone time" (***by choice). We hate being apart and prevent it every chance we can (I even made Chase repeat BLS a year early so we could go to the same renewals together for the rest of our lives -- no shame).

We truly believe that once you find your soulmate, you will want to be together. They become your best friend, your partner in crime, your lover, your  world. We believe that we are better together.

Some people think we're crazy, but we just genuinely love being in each other's presence and enjoying every moment of this life together. We don't feel complete when we're not together.
Call it co-dependency, call it stage 5 clinger, call it crazy.
We'll keep calling it our happily ever after.

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