So many people ask us why we decided to start travel nursing.
Our quick answer ↠ we are getting paid to travel.

Travel nursing isn't all fun + games though, believe us. It's demanding and challenging. Here are some of the pros / cons that we can think of after one year:

⋄ short term travel (typically 3 month assignments)
⋄ exploring new places
⋄ experiencing different work environments
⋄ learning new practices at each facility
⋄ learning how to adapt / be flexible
⋄ challenging yourself as a nurse
⋄ paid travel (with potential to bank it if you do it right)
⋄ no commitments
⋄ no politics
⋄ FUNemployment between assignments (aka more time to travel)

⋄ learning the quirks of each unit
⋄ understanding your autonomy level with each facility
⋄ adjusting your normal, tried + true routine to adapt to each facility's preference
⋄ no seniority and having to gain the trust of others
⋄ working the "leftover" shifts (staff nurses get first dibs)
⋄ getting lost in a new hospital
⋄ not being able to care for the sickest, most critical patients (if you're into it)
⋄ first to get floated to other units

Despite the lengthy list of both, travel nursing is probably one of our best decisions yet. You have to take the good with the bad, and in our opinion -- the good totally outweighs the bad. In the end, it's an opportunity we'd never want to miss.

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